by Andrew Nemeth BSc (Hons) LLB MTeach

Essays & Articles

NSW Photographer's Rights and legal issues
(15740 words, updated: )
Synopsis: A detailed analysis of statute and common law as it applies to candid (or "street") photography in NSW. Topics include Anti-Voyeurism Laws, Privacy Rights, Commercial Use, Defamation, Copyright, Beach and Child photography etc. The main emphasis is on Australian law as it applies in NSW, but there is also extensive coverage of Federal legislation, along with an overview of international trends.
Ischaemic Affairs of the Heart
(8860 words, updated: )
Synopsis: An account of my near-fatal heart attack and treatment in January 2023
(7720 words, updated: )
Synopsis: An annotated list of favourite movies, books and music.
Candid people photography: morality and aesthetics
(3460 words, updated: )
Synopsis: A (hopefully) light-hearted rebuttal of criticisms my Sydney Unposed project has attracted over the years. Topics include B&W versus Colour; Voyeurism versus Engagement; Photographing Strangers; To crop or not; Shooting from the hip; Worrying about The Light etc.